Best Birthday Gift!

Birthdays aren’t something I look forward too much anymore. Fortunately, this year’s big day doesn’t involve a zero (thank goodness!).  What is different this year is that I decided to give Washtenaw Literacy a present on my birthday. So I took the plunge and set up a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser that benefits Washtenaw Literacy. It […]

A Girl, a Cry, and a Cat

I started as a volunteer tutor over 20 years ago.  That seems so long ago and yet just a blink of an eye.  At the time, I was working part-time in a retail pharmacy (CVS), and one Saturday night a middle-aged gentleman in a 3-piece suit came in angry about everything (“you’re out of the […]

My Love for Literacy

Mary Jean Raab here, a Washtenaw Literacy Board member and current board chair. And, past board chair, but that is another story. I love books!  Our house is full of books, some read, some started, and some waiting for time!  Do you remember Borders Bookstore?  I was always a big Borders shopper when they were […]

Building Community Connections

I’ve been volunteering with Washtenaw Literacy for six years, starting as an ESL tutor for several wonderful groups of learners at the Malletts Creek library, Washtenaw Community College, and the Parkway Meadows apartments.  I’ve also served as a mentor, training and supporting new tutors. These days, I serve on the board of directors, where I’m […]

Why I Tutor

First, it’s great fun.  I like to laugh and to tease.  It turns out that these are nice ways to help learners relax.  Learners come to us excited but often nervous.  If they’re Basic Literacy learners, then they’re approaching a job that has been difficult for them before.  If they’re ESL, many times they’re used […]

Literacy. Essential for Employment!

Over the past 2 years Tony, one of our employees has worked with Washtenaw Literacy tutors on grammar, speaking skills and particularly on writing skills so that he is better able to compose emails to our customers and partners. Together with his hard work, the tutoring has helped him to improve his email and report […]

A Lifetime Commitment to Literacy

As a second generation book manufacturer, I and the McNaughton & Gunn Team have had the pleasure of working with thousands of publishers and authors through the years. We take pride in helping our customers’ bring their stories to life. What I cherish most about stories is the laughter, learning, and growth that come from […]

Remi’s Rebarks

My name is Remington “Remi” Edwards and I am a 200# Great Dane. Some people think that I am really big, but I don’t know what they are talking about. I try to crawl onto my dad’s lap and into bed with my mom and dad, and they always make these strange groaning sounds. I’m […]

A Word From Your Emcee!

Greetings, fellow Washtenaw Literacy supporters! I want to welcome you to the upcoming House Party. My name is David Baum; I will be your emcee for the event. I’ve had the honor and pleasure of serving as a Basic Literacy tutor since 2014 and a mentor since 2018. I’ve had a meandering career path, having […]

Low-Literacy + Pandemic = Increased Need

As Executive Director Amy Goodman says, “2020 has been a curious journey.” That’s undoubtedly true. And some of the challenges we’ve faced this year will likely continue into 2021. I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of working with Washtenaw Literacy for many years. In that time, I’ve come to learn that navigating through a crisis […]