Why I Tutor

First, it’s great fun.  I like to laugh and to tease.  It turns out that these are nice ways to help learners relax.  Learners come to us excited but often nervous.  If they’re Basic Literacy learners, then they’re approaching a job that has been difficult for them before.  If they’re ESL, many times they’re used to success—they are high achievers—and here they are struggling with conversation.  If they have school children, it may be that the kids are doing better with English than their parents are.  So, we show up, help them relax, find ways to realize some immediate successes, prove that they’re on a long path but that they’re already moving along it.  Many learners start to glow.  If you decide to tutor and stick with it, it WILL happen that someday a learner will say to you, “you have changed my life.”  And that will make you glow.

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