A Lifetime Commitment to Literacy

As a second generation book manufacturer, I and the McNaughton & Gunn Team have had the pleasure of working with thousands of publishers and authors through the years. We take pride in helping our customers’ bring their stories to life. What I cherish most about stories is the laughter, learning, and growth that come from sharing them.

McNaughton & Gunn is committed to and celebrates diversity. We will work to recognize, honor, and listen to the unique voices of our clients, our supplier partners, and our Team members. We must do more to understand and hear diverse perspectives—in our workplace and our communities. We will utilize print as our platform to support our customers in sharing their unique stories with the world, strengthening our humanity, and building a greater sense of empathy towards one another. M&G Team members produce more than 6,000 book titles annually—each one receiving our undivided effort—because we know that the books we create today will make history tomorrow.

The work that Washtenaw Literacy does allows more people to enjoy the companionship of other people’s experiences. More importantly it allows learners the opportunity to share their voices with the world. The bigger the chorus of storytellers, the more connections we make and the bigger impact we can make in our world.

Despite the challenging circumstances resulting from the Coronavirus pandemic, where we are all staying distant to stay safe, reading and books are vital ways we can bridge the solitude and come together.  Help Washtenaw Literacy build a legacy of literacy.

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