Remi’s Rebarks

My name is Remington “Remi” Edwards and I am a 200# Great Dane. Some people think that I am really big, but I don’t know what they are talking about. I try to crawl onto my dad’s lap and into bed with my mom and dad, and they always make these strange groaning sounds. I’m the perfect size for all of those activities and they seem so happy to see me every time I do that, so this must just be the way that humans communicate… with groans.

When mom or dad comes home, I can always tell if they’re happy and excited to see me. I can also tell when it’s time to play, time to take a walk, time to play tug of war (which I always win!) and when it’s time to give me a treat. I call that “reading humans”… they’re pretty easy. I can tell by their expressions, their voice, their mannerisms and if they want me to do something, I can always read into that because they always have a treat in their hands.

The other day I was sitting on the floor ready to start chewing a book when my dad said “Remi! I am reading that book!!!”. He was a bit upset, but he still sat on the couch with me and read me a story, which I always love even though I usually fall asleep. It occurred to me at that moment that there’s a whole new world of “reading” in books that doesn’t involve observing these humans!

Reading? You mean that I can read more than expressions, voice and mannerisms? You mean that I can look at this book-thingy here on the ground and that those squiggly characters are words can tell me things? You mean that I can go places, learn things, vote, understand why these humans are wearing muzzles (my theory is that they bit someone and are being punished for it), help with their kid’s homework, read signs and all kinds of other things. Reading? This is a whole new world to me.

Dad took a picture of me trying to learn to read but it’s just not sinking in. I think I’ll call my friends at Washtenaw Literacy and get a tutor… I hear that they will teach me to read, and all they want back from me is some cuddle time, which I am really good at doing. That’s what dogs do very well.

So to all of my friends at Washtenaw Literacy, thank you for teaching me to read and bringing a whole new world. Now that I can read, I want to learn how to order my favorite treats online… that should be fun.

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